Wednesday, 3 October 2012

LOVE... Maddie & Dan, Devon, 26.05.2012

Getting married to your love in a pink blossom-filled orchard... every little girl's dream?! Oh yes, I think so! And despite potential weather woes, Maddie & Dan DID IT! Boy, did they do it well...

From the very first time I met Maddie & Dan, I just knew the day would be incredible - especially after bonding over Maddie's incredibly-organised, sparkly wedding planner. Honestly, hand on heart, I get goosebumps every time I look at these photographs. Everything was perfect, including the weather. Thank you to my gorgeous & lovely boyfriend, Sam, for assisting on the day & smothering me in suntan lotion!

You may recognise some of these images, from a previous feature on Love My Dress. Well, here is further insight into a fantastic celebration...

C'est moi & the beautiful, blushing bride!

Some lovely words from the gorgeous couple: "Natalie could not have been a more perfect choice for our wedding photographer. As soon as we met her Dan said 'If she can't take the photos we want then none can'. And he was right. I can't stop looking at the pictures and I feel like she completely captured exactly how the day felt to us. She is so professional and yet it felt like she was a wedding guest. We didn't need to think about it as I knew that she would photograph every detail, and steal Dan and I away when the sun was hitting the right moment. She has become a friend and is amazing! I can't stop looking at the pictures and we're going to treasure them forever..."

Huge Congratulations Maddie & Dan, may your married life be always as amazing as this!
natalie xx


  1. A gorgeous wedding! LOVE polkadots - Especially in Red & White!
    Also - Those lights when the bridal party are getting ready?! LOVE!!!

  2. Thank you for shearing your lovely day. Absolutely glorious day for your wedding,